To Teach Him A Lesson, Drunk Man Was Made To Believe That He Had Been Unconscious For 10 Years

Alcoholism is a huge issue not only for a person who is suffering from the disease but also for other people around them. Drunk people can be really dangerous for society, especially if they are driving a car.


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Vicious circle

The scariest part about alcoholism is that a person with this disease doesn’t really understand it. They simply cannot do anything about it, being stuck in a vicious circle.

Tom Mabe makes video pranks. Tom’s pranks are created not only to make people laugh but also to give some of them a lesson. His main goal is to break such circles.

This time, Tom’s friend Mark (we changed the name) became his victim. He was a driver. But the man had a drinking problem. Quite often drunk Mark even dared to drive the car. He has already had 5 DUIs.

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His friends decided to prevent the 6th one and teach him a lesson. One night, Mark once again passed out after a “heavy party.” His friends brought him to the specially equipped “hospital room.”


When Mark opened his eyes, “a nurse” called “a doctor.” The doctor told Mark he was glad to see him awake. Then, he turned on the TV and left. Mark was watching the news and realized he had been in the coma for ten years. Can you believe it?! Watch his reaction in this video.

We think the man will never forget this lesson. Thank God he has such loyal friends who opened his eyes!

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To Teach Him A Lesson, Drunk Man Was Made To Believe That He Had Been Unconscious For 10 Years

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