5-Year-Old Saved Her Entire Family In A Car Crash

We sometimes hear stories about mothers who perform feats of superhuman strength when their children are in danger. It’s not often that the roles are reversed, but in this particular story, it was the child who saved her mother’s life.

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What happened?

Angela Shymansky was driving home with her 5-year-old daughter, Lexi, and 10-week-old son, Peter, when they suffered a car crash. Angela’s car veered down a 40-foot embankment, leaving her unconscious with a broken back. Little Peter suffered a concussion.

Lexi, who miraculously got off with only a scratch on her forehead, was able to climb out of the wrecked car. Then she climbed up the embankment, barefoot, to get help. When paramedics arrived at the scene, they couldn’t believe this little girl had been able to scale the cliff by herself! They weren’t even able to climb down without the rope.

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I thought, ‘If Mommy was awake, what would she do? She would tell me to go get help,’” Lexi, who is being hailed as hero, says.

Thanks to this little girl’s strength and bravery, her mother and brother survived the accident and made full recovery. Share her amazing story, the world needs to know its heroes!

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5-Year-Old Saved Her Entire Family In A Car Crash

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