She’s A Supreme Networker Who Wants To Be Diana 2.0!’ Royal Biographer’s New Book Reveals Who Meghan Markle Really Is

Twenty years after the tragic death of Princess Diana, best-selling author Andrew Morton published several secret tapes that documented the struggles Diana endured. Much of the information was deeply personal and provided a raw peek into the life of the distressed royal.


Royal Revolution! How Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Will Shape, Style, And Redefine Monarchy

Morton’s 1992 biography, Diana: Her True Story In Her Own Words, which was a result of the Diana tapes, rocked the British media and caused a global stir. Most of all, the royal family was far from pleased by the revelations made.


A newspaper published a damning extract from the book suggesting Diana had been “driven to five suicide bids”.


In addition, Diana claimed that Prince Charles was jealous due to the popularity she enjoyed.


Eventually, the book was banned in the UK.

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Morton made the connection to the late Diana through her childhood friend, Dr. James Colthurst. He would eventually publish revelations from Diana as articles.

The final material that formed the basis for his book was gotten during “interviews by proxy”. Colthurst would secretly record conversations with Diana in the palace using a secret microphone and recorder. He would later ferry the tapes to Morton.

Diana 2.0

Andrew Morton is back. This time, he has written a biography of the bride-to-be Meghan Markle. Titled Meghan, A Hollywood Princess, the book captures Meghan’s life from her early years in California, her career on television, and her upcoming nuptials.

Also, the book speaks a lot about her past associations. It contains excerpts from interviews Morton had with former boyfriends, colleagues, teachers, and old friends.

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Morton paints Meghan as highly driven and particularly passionate about causes she believes in. By age 10, Meghan was already an activist. She is famous for writing to executives at Procter & Gamble Co., complaining about the wording in detergent adverts.

One interesting thing the author noted was the persona of Meghan. He says she is sometimes perceived as “cold”. Meghan is reported to have returned her wedding ring to her first husband, Trevor Engelson, by post.

As for her relations with Engelson, Morton said he went from “cherishing Meghan” to feeling “like he was a piece of something stuck to her shoe”. How much Meghan contributed to this situation will probably be made clearer in the book.

However, he also adds that Meghan is particular about her public image and perceptions about her.

She’s a networker supreme really and what I do find interesting is that many career women find her something of a role model because she’s been able to be a feminist but also feminine.

He also stated that Meghan idolized Diana and was working hard to become “Diana 2.0”.

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She’s A Supreme Networker Who Wants To Be Diana 2.0!’ Royal Biographer’s New Book Reveals Who Meghan Markle Really Is

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