This Little Philippine Girl Has A Great Talent And A Beautiful Voice!

Cydel Gabutero is one of those children who amaze people around as soon as she speaks. You can hear the melody in her voice. That is why, when she performs the immortal hits, people can’t help listening with delight.

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Incredible voice

You must have never thought a little girl could sing like this. Cydel proves that she has a great talent, performing her own cover on The Power of Love by Celine Dion. Nobody expected she could do it, but this cute kid did even more.

A fascinating part of the show is the moment when she easily hits the high notes! People can’t stop listening to her again and again. The girl is so wonderful, her voice is incredible! Perhaps, Cydel will have a glorious future.

Just watch this video to see her talent with your own eyes.

Share this fantastic performance with your friends and family to support the little talent.

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This Little Philippine Girl Has A Great Talent And A Beautiful Voice!

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