Six Weeks After Delivering A Healthy Baby, Woman Learns She’s Pregnant With Twins Again

In January last year, Eliza Curby, 27, from Sydney, Australia, gave birth to a healthy, beautiful girl. The immense joy at having become a mother was reflected in her smile and in photos, by her husband’s side, shared on social media.

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The birth of baby Charlie brought a lot of joy; however, six weeks later, Eliza and her husband went from peacefulness to concern.

Just six weeks after giving birth, the couple received news that Eliza was pregnant again. And this time, it was a double surprise: They would have twins. Eliza said:

Honestly, I didn’t even think about contraception. All my friends and family assured me it was impossible to get pregnant while still nursing. But, as you can tell, that’s a lie!

Unexpected twins

After hearing the news, Eliza took four pregnancy tests to be completely sure. “Then, my husband and I went to see the doctor. When the doctor told us that it was twins, Ben turned white straight away,” Eliza remembers with a smile.

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It seems something they thought was impossible, actually happened. The couple quickly recovered their composure and their excitement, blogging about their emotions while waiting for the birth of their twins.

Happy and healthy family!

Nine months after, Eliza gave birth to the newest members of the family. The care has tripled and many think it’s crazy, caring for three babies, but upon looking at the photos, all that shows is the family’s happiness.

This is a miraculous story indeed! We wish the family strong health and joy in their lives!

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Six Weeks After Delivering A Healthy Baby, Woman Learns She’s Pregnant With Twins Again

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