12-Year-Old Girl Dies After Eating Granola Bar That Contained Peanuts


A little girl who had a peanut allergy lost her life after she ate a granola bar. As expected, her family is devastated, and everyone who heard the story is heartbroken.

A common allergy

Peanut allergy is one of the most common food allergies found in children in the United States. In fact, to keep everyone safe, many schools have declared that they are "nut-free" meaning no child is allowed to bring in any food containing peanuts, whether or not they are allergic.

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In most cases, allergic children's reactions to peanuts include itchy skin, nausea, and runny nose. However, in extreme cases, it can lead to anaphylaxis, which can be fatal as it impairs breathing. Epinephrine is usually administered when a person is experiencing an allergic reaction.

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A heartbreaking story

A family in Georgia was thrown into mourning after a 12-year-old girl named Amanda Huynh passed away as a result of an allergic reaction to peanuts.

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Amanda was on the school bus on her way home when she took a bite of a granola bar. According to her family, she had eaten granola bars before without any problems. Dillon, her brother, said Amanda was always careful with what she ate.

This time around, however, was different because after eating the snack, she began to feel sick. The school officials called 911, and she was taken to a hospital.

No! This can’t be happening. 12-year-old Amanda Huynh went into anaphylaxis after eating a granola bar that contained peanuts. The only details we have are on this gofundme page created by her brother. She passed away yesterday. It seems the granola bar was incorrectly labeled, and there was a long delay in getting Amanda the care she needed. Our hearts are breaking all over again. This has to stop. Another angel in heaven, watch over us Amanda and please find Oakley up there. http://bit.ly/amandagofundme . . . . #foodallergyawareness #foodallergies #peanuts #peanutallergy #allergies #livlikeoaks #anaphylaxis #foodallergyfamily #amandahuynh @dillonhuynh @blueberryjam101 #foodallergyangel #nomoredeaths #allergydeath #anotherangelinheaven

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As doctors tried to save her life, the family was told that even if she survived, she would have permanent brain damage. She died a few days later.

Dillon said he hopes his sister's tragic story will remind people to be conscious of food allergies.

"(I want people to) live with her in their hearts and really know how serious this is," he said.

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Looking for answers

On the Gofundme page which was set up for Amanda, the family said that the granola bar was labeled as peanut-free. But after she began eating it, she had a reaction. By the time they got the epi-pen, it was too late. Amanda went into cardiac arrest and her lung collapsed.

In the write-up, Dillon described his sister as 'smart' and 'energetic'.

She would wake me up every morning at 6 am to hug me before she went off to school. We made dinner together, we watched a movie together, she even stayed up to make omelets with me at 1 am. Amanda was so bright, she was so smart and energetic all the time. Amanda meant the world to me and brightened my day when I didn't ask for it. I love Amanda so much.  Amanda liked to ride her bike, go to the skating rink, and she loved avocado toast.

According to SnackSafely, it was possible that the granola bar was not safe for those with peanut allergy despite the fact it did not list peanuts as an ingredient.

In an article titled "The Amanda Huynh Tragedy and Flawed Allergen Labeling in the US," the website said that the snack may have had some sort of contact with allergens during production, especially if the same company manufactures other snacks that contain peanuts.

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