George Stephanopoulos And Ali Wentworth Share Their Secret Of A Happy Marriage

It’s been 17 years since comedian, actress, and author Ali Wentworth first met and fell in love with her husband, the news host George Stephanopoulos — and she was instantly smitten.


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Before their marriage, it would have been hard to imagine a pair more odd then a comedian Ali Wentworth and the Good Morning America anchor and former advisor to President Clinton George Stephanopoulos.


But it didn’t take long for the two to realize that, despite the odds, they are perfect for each other.

Wentworth, who loves a dirty joke, and Stephanopoulos, who gets excited about politics, got married after only 2 months of knowing each other, and now, they are raising two beautiful daughters, 12-year-old Harper and 15-year-old Elliott.

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What made them stick together regardless of their differences?

The couple’s answer is simple — don’t assume divorce is the solution to your problems.

53-year-old Wentworth says:

People always say, ‘Oh you have to have a sense of humor. But I always say, you just have to really come to terms with this idea that ‘I’m going to be with this person forever.’ Not, ‘Oh I can always get a divorce or have an affair.’ You have to just go, ‘We’re in it until a nurse comes in and changes our diapers and wipes the drool off our faces.’ That makes the fights less scary.

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Their other tip? No phones at the dinner table! 57-year-old Stephanopoulos adds:

We have a no phones at the dinner table rule.

It can be quite challenging sometimes, as Stephanopoulos works in breaking news, and there could always be a big one coming, but he still won’t use his phone while eating.

The happy couple is a real proof that there can be a happy marriage under the spotlight; maybe, Brad and Angelina should have used those tips, too.

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George Stephanopoulos And Ali Wentworth Share Their Secret Of A Happy Marriage

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