Magic Card Trick! Get Ready For Your Card To Be Guessed!

Can you remember those times in childhood when men in mantels and wizard hats, calling themselves ‘magicians’, completely mesmerized you with their tricks? And you couldn’t believe your own eyes, questioning the true nature of that art. Feels pretty nostalgic and intriguing, doesn’t it? So, let us take you back to that sweet time by showing a simple card trick.

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Here you see six cards. Choose the one you like the best and remember that card! Make some notes if you need to; you can even draw it. In other words, do whatever you need to remember that one card!


Now, we are halfway there. When all is done, the card is remembered, look at the picture below. Don’t you think your card is missing?

Voila!!! Are you interested in how it works? Actually, it is a very simple algorithm.

The “core” of this trick lies in statistics and probability. What you need to know is that most people just concentrate on trying to remember their card, but they won’t pay attention to anything else. And, meanwhile, those 5 cards are completely different! Yes, you read that right! Completely different set of cards!

But don’t be disappointed, maybe something truly magical awaits you today.


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Magic Card Trick! Get Ready For Your Card To Be Guessed!

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