Have William And Harry Finally Accepted Camilla Parker-Bowles After All These Years?

Prince Charles’ relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles is nothing short of a romantic drama. It had everything: forbidden love behind the spouses’ backs, family’s disapproval, constant sneaking around, and, the culmination of it all, long-awaited marriage.


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According to Charles’ biography, his affair with Camilla started way back in 1986. At the time, the Prince of Wales was married to Princess Diana. The couple had two kids, William and Harry. Charles’ mistress at the time was married to Andrew Parker-Bowles.


Two marriages fell apart in 1995 and 1996. As a result, Charles and Camilla could finally be together, but it wasn’t that easy. The prince had to work very hard to legitimize his relationship. It took a long time to gain the Queen’s acceptance of Camilla in the family. And it was even more difficult to get Charles’ sons, William and Harry, to approve of their stepmother. Then again, did they really..?


Rocky relationship between young princes and their stepmom

Camilla Parker-Bowles’ chances to create a good relationship with William and Harry were compromised from the start. Princess Diana was largely aware of her husband’s affair and didn’t hide her true feelings about it from her sons. She used to refer to Camilla as “Charles’ lady,” which undeniably left a mark on the young and impressionable boys.


Being the older son, William met Camilla first. He refused to get to know her for a while but gave in a year after Diana’s death. The meeting went well, and Harry agreed to have a tea with Parker-Bowles as well. To show that they accept Camilla, William and Harry invited her to Prince Charles’ 50th birthday in 1998. However, the Queen refused to attend, thus displaying her disapproval of the situation.

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Have William And Harry Finally Accepted Camilla Parker-Bowles After All These Years?

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