You Look Amazing! Kelly Clarkson Surprises Fans With Her 40 Lb Weight Loss

New addition to The Voice, Kelly Clarkson, is fit and showing it off. As she takes on her new job on the singing competition, all anyone can talk about is her drastic weight loss.


Female Celebrities Who Have Been Body-Shamed For Losing Weight

Seeing double?

Clarkson shocked fans when she appeared on The Tonight Show late February.

Viewers had seen a different Clarkson when the pre-recorded blind audition episodes of The Voice aired earlier in the day. They were definitely taken unawares.


Although the country musician had lost 40 lb, fitness coach Nadia Murdock Fit told Life & Style magazine that Clarkson looked like she had lost 88 lb.

Shutting down body-shamers

The American Idol alumna is not a stranger to unsolicited discussions around her weight.


In July 2017, after she put up a post in honor of the American military, a troll replied her with a “You’re fat” comment. Clarkson did not let the comment slide, she responded, “and still .…. awesome.


Expectedly, she was applauded for her efficient clapback then, and now that she has debuted her 40 lb weight loss, Twitter has taken notice as well.

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You Look Amazing! Kelly Clarkson Surprises Fans With Her 40 Lb Weight Loss

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